Colombo - Capital of Sri Lanka

Everything you Need to Know about Colombo

The capital of Sri Lanka is called Colombo. It is debatable how the name came into existence. While some believe that it was a distortion from the old name of Kolam, others believe it was taken from the Coconut palm. No matter which fact the name was taken from it is known as Colombo by everyone today. The city is the largest town in the island country of Sri Lanka. It is the economic capital of the country as well as the administrative one.

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Colombo Travel Guide

  • Colombo Hotels

    All Hotels in Colombo

    From five-star resorts such as Ceylon Continental, to budget accommodation like Trans Asia Hotel, you are sure to find Read More»

  • Colombo Attractions

    Colombo Attractions

    Colombo has a wide range of attractions waiting for you. The colonial era and the island’s rich historical heritage have Read More»

  • Colombo Restaurants & Dining

    Colombo Restaurants

    The food in Colombo is a reflection of its rich and varied history. Naturally there is a lot of seafood, but there is Read More»

  • Colombo Nightlife

    Colombo Nightlife

    Being the capital of Sri Lanka, it is also its largest city and has nightlife in the five-star hotels. Besides the Read More»

  • Colombo Shopping

    Colombo Shopping

    The city has a bustling economy based on, among other things, tourism. There is a whole lot being done by the government Read More»

  • Colombo Activities

    Colombo Activities

    Colombo offers numerous outdoor sports and activities such as water sports, golf, cricket (very much part of the culture Read More»


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