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While a majority of the local population is Sinhalese, there is an interesting minority living in the fort areas. They are known as the Sri Lankan Moors and are descendants of the Arab seafarers who traded at the port of Galle and eventually settled down there. This is reflected in their food.

Rampart Hotel

The Rampart Hotel restaurant has a great sea view along with a good meal. The staff is very helpful and friendly. It is a relaxing place to enjoy some good food, although being somewhat expensive it's not very popular with budget tourists. Still, if you are looking for a peaceful and calm ambience along with a great seascape this is the place to go.

Price Range: Pricey

Seagreen Restaurant

This is located on Rampart Street in Fort Galle about 200 metres away from the clock tower. This is the best place in town for seafood and fresh fruit juices. The owner is very knowledgeable about Galle and Sri Lanka and can organize transport or return trips in his van for close-by excursions. The fried king prawns must be tasted and food here is not too expensive and the restaurant is very small and intimate.

Cuisine: Seafood
Price Range: Affordable

Aruna's Restaurant

Aruna’s is located about 100 metres from the main gate on Lighthouse Street at the Galle Fort. It is a family-run place and serves decent pizzas besides traditional local curries and rice. The service is quick and efficient and prices are very reasonable.

Cuisine: Sri Lankan and Italian
Price Range: Budget/affordable

India Hut

Here, you can sit at the ramparts of the fort and enjoy a sunset meal. The food is Indian and very reasonably priced. It's a good place to enjoy chicken tikka masala if you are a fan.

Cuisine: Indian
Price Range: Affordable

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